Tuesday, September 12, 2006


In my six hour-long Writng & Reporting seminar today, we were assigned geographical beats to pursue for the rest of the semester. I managed to get the Lower East Side. I say "managed to get" because my East Village/Alphabet City apartment is only about seven blocks away from the border of the LES. I guess it would be smart to branch out and cover an area that I don't see that often, but it's also kind of neat to explore an area closer to home, because ultimately I'll be able to spend more time there. And most every neighborhood in New York is new to me since I've only lived here for short periods of time.

Hey, do you like what I did to the piece below? It's kind of raw, but not a horrible first attempt, in my opinion. Lacks a bit of direction, but I spent the first 20 minutes of my allocated writing time redoing the first line. My professor came up to me while I was writing and asked if I had thought about making some kind of outline before starting the article. Now there's a novel idea. The answer was no, of course. But there's always next time.


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