Thursday, March 01, 2007

An addendum to the flu mask op-ed...

It turns out fashionable flu masks are no laughing matter. The creators of Fashion Flu Masks are dead serious, so to speak, about their product:

Here at Fashion Flu Masks, we realize the world will be a sad, sad place when a pandemic flu strikes. When that time comes, there will be nothing wrong, or funny, about brightening the world up a bit by wearing a cool-looking Fashion Flu Mask. The process of making a Fashion Flu Mask works like this: We begin with a plain, white N95 approved mask (the only types of masks that the CDC recommends to ward off the bird flu). We then hand decorate each mask. All decorations and fabrics are glued to the mask with non-toxic adhesive, rather than sewn, so that the mask is not punctured or damaged.
"When" the pandemic flu strikes? These people wouldn't be trying to take advantage of a potential global health emergency or anything, would they? Even the most alarmist of the bird-flu experts doesn't talk like this. Still, I'll give FFM a little plug, because it is a great idea. Maybe I'm jealous that I didn't think of it first.